Dylan Blackthorn & the Small Flames Duo

May 21, 2022 | 7:00 pm

As Dylan Blackthorn & the small flames duo, Samantha & Dylan Goldberg-Blackthorn bring well-travelled wisdom and musical storytelling wherever they go.  Rooted in klezmer and punk and drenched in psychedelia, their sound is, at times, comfortably folksy and at other times enchantingly whimsical.  With either accordion & flute or ukulele & tinwhistle, Samantha & Dylan bring the listener into an underworld of goblins, circus freaks, and klezmorim playing at the crossroads.
“…the single [canldelight] finds strange comfort in armageddon and eternity in the stars.” -Kevin Curtin, Austin Chronicle
“…like a hillbilly Nick Cave” -Susan Sloan, Louder Than War
small flames is a sparkling example of the best songwriting on the indie scene today.“-Garth Thomas, the Hollywood Digest